Looking for a job in the snow?

If it’s a job in the snow or a change of lifestyle you are looking for, then you’ve come to the right place. We reckon you’ll be as TOTALLY INTO Thredbo as we are.

If you are looking for a change from the everyday then why not come to live and work in the Snowy Mountains of Australia. Here you will make new friends, learn and develop new skills and have a working holiday in the process.

If you are totally in to everything snow and want nothing more than to ‘provide our guests with an exceptional alpine experience’ then we need to talk!

Applications for winter positions are generally open from late January to early April each year. Please click on the APPLY NOW tab in the menu bar to start the process. We look forward to speaking with you!

Find out more about Thredbo

Thredbo is famous for its impressive snowy terrain, spectacular alpine village, long list of adventure activities available all year round and its village full of parties and events.

Our People

Let our staff explain why they’re so into working at the Event Group – and why you would be too.



Thredbo Media | Media & Content Manager | 2yrs


Thredboland | Ski instructor | 1yr


Thredboland | Ski instructor | 5yrs


Snow Sports | Snowboard Instructor | 2yrs


Media & Marketing Department | Content Creator | 1yr


Snow Sports | Thredboland Instructor | 4yrs

Positions at Thredbo

Find out more about the positions we have at Thredbo

Without these people, the snow’s a no-go. The positions are many & varied. Check them out.


Lift Attending is an outdoor position focused on the safe and efficient operation of our lifts whilst providing excellent and consistent levels of guest services. This position will, at times, require some degree of physical exertion as well as working outdoors in adverse weather conditions.

Snowmaking is an outdoor position focused on the monitoring and facilitation of snow production. Snowmakers produce snow during the afternoon and night to ensure our slopes are as snow covered as possible for our guests. Snowmaking requires attention to detail, physical exertion, and the ability to work during the night, outdoors and in adverse weather conditions.

Snow Grooming is a machine operator position focused on the night-time preparation of the slopes. Groomers work through the night to ensure that the slopes are manicured and groomed to perfection, giving our guests the best riding experience possible. Grooming requires attention to detail, physical exertion at times, and the ability to work during the night, outdoors and in adverse weather conditions.

Ski Patrol is responsible for accident prevention including the use of trail markers, signage, and fencing to control and mark obstacles. Avalanche control, assessing ski runs, skier education, as well as providing advanced first aid, stabilisation of injured guests and transportation to the Thredbo Medical Centre are all key functions of this position. atrollers also engage in documentation of patrol activities, completion of accident forms, incident investigation, while liaising with other mountain departments where needed, as well as day to day customer service.

With Thredbo’s ever expanding terrain park options, the terrain park crew is responsible for the building and day to day maintenance of the many jumps, rails and boxes throughout the resort.


Offers rental and retail sales of ski and snowboard gear and equipment in Thredbo at Friday Flat and Valley Terminal. Retail staff are responsible for selling, stocking and maintaining the retail areas.

Caters to a variety of sports including: swimming, water polo, squash, basketball, netball, and a variety of specialist fitness classes. Including a gymnasium and is open to the general public all year round, Thredbo Leisure Centre staff are required to have a current pool life guard certificate as this is a main focus for their position.

Operating throughout the winter months, Thredbo’s Child Care Facility operates out of the Thredbo Leisure Centre and caters for children 6 months to 6 years.

Thredbo Guest Services Staff are Customer Service specialists who are responsible for selling lift tickets, Thredbo Snowsports lessons and rental equipment. Guest Services Ambassadors look after all guest information on the mountain and monitor gate controller on the major chair lifts. Guest services operates out of 3 main ticket office outlets, 2 in Thredbo and one in Jindabyne.


This team is responsible for the year round sales and marketing of Thredbo in keeping with the Thredbo brand. This includes managing and implementing advertising campaigns, maintaining thredbo.com.au, organising special events, creative for brochures and other printed material, dissemination of Thredbo information and ongoing public relations and promotions.

As the first port of call for all media enquiries, this team is responsible for getting the “Thredbo word” out to media and the general public. This includes providing snow reports and stories for local, regional and national media covering television, on-line, radio and print, hosting media in the resort and compiling and dissemination of media releases. There is a small radio and television broadcast studio at Friday Flat.


Responsible for the operation of all the municipal services for the village including the sewage treatment plant, water supply, waste and recycling management, snow clearing, road maintenance and car parking. The department is also responsible for the Environment Management System and the implementation of the associated plans to ensure that Thredbo continues to improve its environmental performance.

Part of the Environmental Services Team, courtesy buses operate around the Village during the winter and for special events during summer.


With the responsibility for company maintenance including the hotel and company buildings, lifts, snowmaking, sewage treatment plant and all company vehicles; Thredbo’s Engineering Department employs a large range of trades personal across a variety of areas.


As a focal point of the Hotel, Front Office is open 24hrs per day 365 days per year. The reception staff meet and greet all Hotel & resort guests, check them into their accommodation, direct them to their rooms, assist with luggage and then act as a liaison point for the resort. Front Office staff are responsible for all after hours switchboard operations as well as reservations when the Thredbo Resort Centre is closed.

Thredbo Alpine Hotel Housekeeping is responsible for the cleanliness and re-stocking of the Hotel rooms, suites, Alpine Apartments and Riverside Cabins as well as laundering all linen for the hotel, apartments, leisure centre and child care. It also provides cleaners for the public areas of the Hotel and night cleaners for bars and restaurants.

With 10 operating outlets during winter, this department provides food and beverage products and services from cafeteria style through to fine dining and nightclub operations. Food & Beverage professionals have a high level of contact with all our guests and always provide the highest level of customer service.

Working very closely with the Food & Beverage front of house team, the Thredbo Alpine Hotel Kitchen Team caters to all resort owned food operations. Chefs are required to consistently prepare all meals to the highest standards, create a positive working environment, and maintain kitchen areas to a high level of cleanliness.

Catering to the many Hotel outlets, the stores team looks after the logistics of making sure stock is where it needs to be at all times. An integral part of the hotel operation, Storeman are required to have a forklift ticket as well being ready to get in and do some solid manual labour when required.

Snow sports positions

Thredbo Snow Sports has a wide variety of positions available to applicants each winter. Please review carefully the below information to ascertain which position you’d like to apply for. The positions will be listed in the subheadings so please take note of which section your preferred position sits and look for this listing in our position vacant section. Snow Sports applications are open as of Monday 2nd of February 2016.



A Ski instructing position for applicants who have less than one years (1 season) full time teaching experience. Applicants may or may not have a ski instructing qualification to be eligible for this position.

Qualified with some teaching experience

A Ski instructing position for applicants who have a basic ski instructing qualification. Applicants to this position have worked full time for at least one season in a recognised Snow Sports School.


A Ski Instructing position for applicants who have at least two years (2 seasons) of full time teaching experience. Applicants with the required ISIA certification and experience who are interested in race or speciality coaching positions should also apply for this position.

Part Time

Ski Instructing positions for applicants who are available from 24th June – 13th July and additional weekends through the remainder of July and August. Applicants for this position need to have some ski instructing certification or experience.



A Snowboard Instructing position for applicants who have less than two years (4 seasons) full time teaching experience. Applicants may or may not have a snowboarding qualification.


A Snowboard Instructing position for applicants with a qualification that attracts an ISIA stamp and has at least 2 years (4 seasons) of full time teaching experience. Teaching skiing is a requirement of this position.

N.B – We have no part time Snowboard Instructor positions available this year.


Thredboland Ski Instructor

A Ski instructing position that requires the successful applicant to work with children in our vibrant 3-6 year old program for the duration of the winter season. A strong aptitude for working with young children is required, where previous experience working with children is highly desirable. Whilst skiing to a level 3 standard (Snowplough turns on a green run) is preferred, it is not essential.


Children’s Program Assistant – Skidoo Driver

A strong, physically fit person should only apply for this demanding role driving “Friday Flat Freddy”. Additional tasks include set up and pack away of equipment used in our Children’s programs.

Children’s Program Assistant

An aptitude for working with Children in an outdoor environment are key attributes to this role. Typical duties include greeting guests, checking student’s ticket validity, set up and pack away of operational equipment and assisting instructors working within our Children’s Programs.


Thredboland Kitchen Supervisor

The successful applicant will have prior experience in the management of kitchen staff, food ordering and management of invoices. Some exposure to catering for children with food allergies will be view favourably through the application process.

Thredboland Kitchen Hand

The successful applicant will assist in the preparation of meals for participants in our Children’s Programs.


Private Lesson Sales Assistant

This is an administration position working within our private lesson bookings office, assisting customers to book all lessons by email, phone and over the counter sales. Experience working with Microsoft Office suite is preferred.

Thredboland Receptionist

Working within our Thredboland facility, a Thredboland receptionist is responsible for greeting guests at the start of each day, responding to customers enquires received by email and phone and significant daily data entry duties. Accordingly, experience working with Microsoft office suite is essential.


Race Department Assistant

Working with our events team to assist with all aspects in the delivery of on mountain events. This varied role would be best suited to someone with a trade background and comfortable working in all weather conditions. Applicants must hold a current driver’s licence to apply for this position. This position will run from late June to early September.

To apply for any of these positions, please click on the “APPLY NOW” button in the menu bar.


We think it’s important to mention a few things up-front to make sure we’re all on the same page.

There are a few things we will expect of you but we recognise it’s a two-way street so we’ve also listed the things we think you will expect of us. 

Let us know if we’ve missed something important to you!

Your expectations


We know that not only do you need training to do your job effectively but also for your personal and professional growth. This is why we invest a lot of time, money and resources into offering all kinds of training and development programs across our business. If you’re not receiving the training you think you need, let us know.


You have both a right to receive feedback on how you’re going in your role and to tell us how we’re going as your employer too! Also, if you’ve got a great idea or something you want to say, by all means speak up!


We understand that sometimes you might need to change your shift to do an exam or some other personal things… we respect you have a life outside of work! So we’re prepared to be as flexible as we can to accommodate these things. (But remember flexibility works 2 ways! From time-to-time we might ask you to be flexible around certain things also such as doing an extra shift, working at a different location or helping out in another department).


You might not think it, but you can have an amazing career with us. So many of our staff started out with us thinking it was “just a job” and have found they are so totally into working for us they never want to leave! If you can’t see a potential career-path for you, make sure you talk to us about what’s possible. We all started somewhere.


Yes, there are some great benefits! The specifics do change from time to time but as a start, how do free movies, discounted offers at hotels and restaurants and discounted skiing sound? Just a note though, enjoy the benefits and don’t abuse them, it just ruins things for the rest of us!


Have you heard that expression, don’t live to work? We think that’s for people that hate their jobs and we disagree with it. Our culture encourages so much fun whilst working that we believe work to live is far more apt and we’re not talking about money. Working here will almost get into your blood. You’re likely to make great friendships here and achieve a great sense of fulfillment. Some of our people have so much fun they say they can’t believe they get paid to work here!

Our expectations


Sorry to be blunt, if you don’t love serving people, don’t work for us! Our number one focus is on providing exceptional experiences for our customers. If you are not the sort of person that will bend over backwards for a customer every single time, this is just not your gig.


We run a business that is far removed from an office environment and therefore our hours of opening are far from 9-5! This means that we will need you to be available across all kinds of shifts including late Friday and Saturday nights and public holidays. By the way, we’ll probably need you to work right across the Christmas / New Year holiday break too, so if you have plans to go away, you need to talk to us about it ASAP so we can work something out.


We take great pride in our business so it makes sense that this is reflected in all aspects including the way we present ourselves. In most cases, we will provide you with a uniform and we expect you to wear this uniform in full whenever you are on shift. You should be fresh and tidy and your uniform should always be clean and pressed when you turn up for work.


We don’t treat you like a number so make sure you don’t act like one! We encourage you to think like an entrepreneur: if there’s a problem to fix, then fix it! If something needs doing, then just do it! “It’s not in my job description” is not something we say around here. Only totally “can do” people need apply.


Our mantra is treat others how you would like to be treated. We have all kinds of people working for us and we’ve found that things run best when we all work together as one united team. We won’t tolerate any form of bullying, harassment or exclusion.


We’re telling you the truth when we say you’ll have fun, but there is a serious side to what we do and that is to run a successful, professional business. To achieve this, we do all work exceptionally hard. We don’t have room for lightweights – even our Casuals are expected to work at full-steam. Once we’re done though, boy do we know how to play-hard! We also love to celebrate our successes. Got the energy to keep up with us?!

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