Looking for a career in Hotels?

If “work hard, play harder” sounds like you, you’ll fit right in. You’ll be TOTALLY INTO it. But don’t just take our word for it – let our staff explain why they’re TOTALLY INTO working at Event Hospitality & Entertainment – and why you would be too.

Our Hotel Brands

The QT Hotels & resorts has integrated itself so seamlessly into the personalities and cultures of several of Australia’s most iconic tourist destinations including Bondi Beach, the Gold Coast, Falls Creek, Sydney CBD, Melbourne, Canberra, Port Douglas, Wellington (NZ). Since launch, QT has been firmly cemented as an identity and a leader in the design hotel movement in both Australia and New Zealand allowing travellers to enjoy a completely unique experience every stay. Each QT property embodies the fabric of its host city, offering an experience from the moment you step through the doors- they are an extension of the local culture, passions and lifestyles.

Rydges operates quality city, suburban and regional hotels in key destinations across Australia, New Zealand and London. Rydges embraces the true Australian and New Zealand spirit and energy of each of our locations. Guests start their days invigorated and refreshed with all hotels equipped with famous Rydges Dream Beds, the outstanding Rise breakfast and Free Wi-Fi. Each hotel combines a modern and genuine approach to service and empower their people to make guests stay relaxed, fun and comfortable.

Urban, industrial and art-inspired, Atura Hotels are where modern business and leisure travellers escape the predictable. This fresh take on the mid-market travel experience fuses dynamic spaces, hip styling and the latest technology at great prices. Expect free Wi-Fi, high energy public spaces, an urban Roadhouse Bar & Grill and a little shop of Grab ‘n’ Go traveller treats. Designed to cater to growing city-sprawl demands, Atura Hotels will primarily be located in city fringe and regional locations. Atura Hotels are located in Blacktown, Dandenong and Albury with more set to open over the coming years.

Our People

Let our staff explain why they’re so into working at the Event Group – and why you would be too.



QT Sydney | Director of Chaos | 2 yrs


General Manager – QT Hotel and Resort Operations Australia | 3 months


Rydges, North Sydney | Reservations Manager | 4 yrs


QT Canberra | Sous Chef | 2.5 years


QT Sydney | Minibar Attendant | 8 months


Atura Blacktown | Area Director of Sales NSW & VIC | 1 yr


Rydges North Sydney | Sales Manager | 3 yrs

Hotel Positions

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Without these people, a hotel can’t function. The positions are many & varied. Check them out.

A General Manager oversees all activities within the hotel, ensuring that each department is operating within the required service standards. A General Manager is ultimately in charge of all aspects of the running of the hotel. They function as the primary strategic leader, creating, developing and implementing hotel strategies.


The Financial Controller is responsible for the financial success of the hotel. The role involves managing all aspects of the hotel’s finance operations including reporting, profit and loss, financial statements, meeting tax and legal obligations, managing cash flow, liaising with internal stakeholders, reporting results to management and managing the Finance team.


A role in the finance team, the Accounts Payable Clerk completes payments and controls expenses by receiving, processing, verifying, and reconciling invoices.


A role in the finance team, the Accounts Receivable Clerk records income, prepares invoices and maintains ledgers to ensure accurate billing for all hotel accounts.


The Executive Chef is the head of the kitchen, planning the menus for all meals, according to hotel policies and guidelines. The role is in charge of supervising all other line cooks, sous chefs, and other kitchen employees and is usually in charge of ordering all of the food and maintaining a budget.


Second in command in the kitchen, the Sous Chef must be customer-focused in delivering excellent food. They will aid the Executive Chef in menu planning and inventory, as well as staff management.


Responsible for the preparation and presentation of selected dishes in the hotel kitchen.


The Demi Chef assists the Chef de Partie in their assigned kitchen station.


Assists the Executive Chef in the preparation of meals in the hotel kitchen.


Ensures all dishes, utensils and working areas in the kitchen area are clean and organised. Often also helps in the preparation of food.


The Food and Beverage Manager supervises the entire actions of the food and beverage team, including their rosters and availabilities. The Food and Beverage Manager supervises the costs and revenue of the department.


A Bar Manager is to deliver high quality customer service and great drinks as well as lead, manage and continuously train a team of bar attendants. A Bar Manager is to maximize profitability through service, promotions and control of capital and liquid assets in Bar.


The Restaurant Manager is to be the bench mark for customer service, positive attitude and product knowledge. A Restaurant Manager is to recruit, lead, manage and continuously train a team of food and beverage attendants to deliver high quality customer service and great drinks and food, as well as carry out all control methods, stock takes, guest questionnaires and direct feedback to ensure minimal loss of stock and standard.


A Food and Beverage Duty Manager manages the overall actions of the F&B team, supervising the team one the floor. They also have a series of office duties regarding the operation of the floor, and banking.


A Food and Beverage supervisor directs and manages Food & Beverage Attendants. They assist in seating or serving customers and ensure the cleanliness and general look of the restaurant and/or bar areas. A Food and Beverage Supervisor also maintains inventory and control costs. 


A Food and Beverage Attendant will have direct contact with guests, greeting them as they enter the dining space, and serving and catering to their needs. They operate in the hotel restaurant/bar/room service and/or banquet outlets.


Handles the requests for events in the hotel. They manage site visits, customer satisfaction and overall creation and execution of the event brief. The Conference and Banquets Sales Manager must also supervise the setup of events to ensure complete guest satisfaction.


A highly customer-focused role, ensuring the event/conference room is set up to please! Conference and Banquets Attendants will normally run the event from start to finish, from set up, through to food, clearing rubbish and pack down.


As a Bar Attendant you are required to deliver quality drinks while acknowledging and interacting with customers in an engaging and timely fashion. A Bar Attendant is responsible for operation of the POS systems, keeping the bar stocked and spotlessly clean.


Storemen receive, handle and dispatch goods coming into, or going out of, the hotel.


A Concierge greets all guests and acts as liaisons with guests. If a guest needs a specific service, such as a babysitter, the guest can contact the concierge, who will coordinate the execution of this service. Other services concierges can assist with include making arrangements for dry cleaning, purchasing show tickets, and making reservations at local restaurants.


The Duty Manager is the floor manager of the Hotel. They supervise the teams on shift and are the direct line of authority in the absence of senior management. Duty Managers handle the banking and keys from each department and keeps a log of each item. They also undertake general front desk roles.


Oversees the actions of housekeeping attendants, ensuring all rooms are maintained satisfactorily and that the special needs and requests of VIP guests are delivered. The role manages the department’s operating budget and financial plans, inventory and productivity per quarter as well as the day-to-day staffing requirements and performance of team members.


A Front Office Manager is involved in controlling the availability of rooms and the daily front office operations, such as handling guest arrival or departure and information requests. A Front Office Manager is to recruit, lead and manage a Front Office team to deliver high quality customer service as well as maximising the profitability of the Front Office operation. 


As a GSA, you’ll need to verify a guest’s reservation, check room availability and complete the check-in process for guests including getting credit card information, providing the guest the pass card to enter their room, and answering any questions the guest has. A GSA also takes phone calls and makes reservations.


As soon as a guest checks in at the front desk, the porter helps the guest take his or her luggage to their room and makes sure the room is acceptable to the guest. Often the porter is asked questions about other services at the hotel, so he or she should be knowledgeable of the hotel and its surrounds.


Parks guests’ cars onsite. Valets perform a large role in delivering a satisfactory guest experience, with their ability to perform their role effectively and efficiently often impacting a guest’s mood. May also be required to operate front desk duties.


Oversees the Reservations Team as well as participating in Reservations Team duties.


Provides prompt, courteous and efficient handling of all requests for hotel reservations, changes and cancellations. The must disclose any relevant information provided within the booking and are responsible for sourcing reservations from a variety of locations including phone, mail and online to merge into the hotel availability.


A Room Attendant performs routine duties in cleaning and servicing of guest rooms and public areas.


Maintains the general grounds of the hotel, repairing items where necessary to both preserve the assets of the company and ensure they are in working order for guest use. Maintenance includes basic property maintenance such as electrical, carpentry, plumbing, mechanical and painting work.


A handyperson is responsible for a wide range of repairs and preventative maintenance work in and around the hotel to ensure that our hotel is operating in peak condition.


The Regional Sales Manager’s role focuses on sales for his/her scope allocated region. The Regional Sales manager’s key accounts and oversees the accounts management activities for an region. The role aims to maximise sales activities in his/her region and leads the team in the Regional Sales Office.


Maintains and develops existing accounts as well as the acquisition of new accounts. The Key Account Manager’s duties are similar to those of the Sales Manager: independent planning and executing of sales drives, telemarketing and other sales promotion activities. The Key Account Manager also does sales analysis and implementation of activity and marketing plans to develop, control and optimise strategies for client acquisition.


Responsible for assisting the Director of Sales and Marketing in online content management, identifying online marketing opportunities and managing the company’s website and web traffic. The role develops direct and semi-direct online channels to check and to improve the Internet presence of the hotel. An E-Commerce Manager has to be creative with a strategic mind and needs good computer and internet skills.


The main challenge for this role is to develop and maintain contact with business generators, meeting and convention planners, travel agents, tour operators, airlines, corporate client, government departments and other producers closely allied to the hotel business. A Director of Business Development is not involved in daily operations of sales but rather in developing innovative strategies to drive sales growth, which are then executed by other sales staff.


The role aims to attain a high volume of business for the hotel and is included in planning and coordinating the hotel’s sales activities. It combines both customer satisfaction and sales aspects, so Sales Managers will often carry out site inspections and show-rounds, including rooms and events spaces.

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We think it’s important to mention a few things up-front to make sure we’re all on the same page.

There are a few things we will expect of you but we recognise it’s a two-way street so we’ve also listed the things we think you will expect of us. 

Let us know if we’ve missed something important to you!

Your expectations

We know that not only do you need training to do your job effectively but also for your personal and professional growth. This is why we invest a lot of time, money and resources into offering all kinds of training and development programs across our business. If you’re not receiving the training you think you need, let us know.

You have both a right to receive feedback on how you’re going in your role and to tell us how we’re going as your employer too! Also, if you’ve got a great idea or something you want to say, by all means speak up!

We understand that sometimes you might need to change your shift to do an exam or some other personal things… we respect you have a life outside of work! So we’re prepared to be as flexible as we can to accommodate these things. (But remember flexibility works 2 ways! From time-to-time we might ask you to be flexible around certain things also such as doing an extra shift, working at a different location or helping out in another department).

You might not think it, but you can have an amazing career with us. So many of our staff started out with us thinking it was “just a job” and have found they are so totally into working for us they never want to leave! If you can’t see a potential career-path for you, make sure you talk to us about what’s possible. We all started somewhere.

Yes, there are some great benefits! The specifics do change from time to time but as a start, how do free movies, discounted offers at hotels and restaurants and discounted skiing sound? Just a note though, enjoy the benefits and don’t abuse them, it just ruins things for the rest of us!

Have you heard that expression, don’t live to work? We think that’s for people that hate their jobs and we disagree with it. Our culture encourages so much fun whilst working that we believe work to live is far more apt and we’re not talking about money. Working here will almost get into your blood. You’re likely to make great friendships here and achieve a great sense of fulfillment. Some of our people have so much fun they say they can’t believe they get paid to work here!

Our expectations

Sorry to be blunt, if you don’t love serving people, don’t work for us! Our number one focus is on providing exceptional experiences for our customers. If you are not the sort of person that will bend over backwards for a customer every single time, this is just not your gig.

We run a business that is far removed from an office environment and therefore our hours of opening are far from 9-5! This means that we will need you to be available across all kinds of shifts including late Friday and Saturday nights and public holidays. By the way, we’ll probably need you to work right across the Christmas / New Year holiday break too, so if you have plans to go away, you need to talk to us about it ASAP so we can work something out.

We take great pride in our business so it makes sense that this is reflected in all aspects including the way we present ourselves. In most cases, we will provide you with a uniform and we expect you to wear this uniform in full whenever you are on shift. You should be fresh and tidy and your uniform should always be clean and pressed when you turn up for work.

We don’t treat you like a number so make sure you don’t act like one! We encourage you to think like an entrepreneur: if there’s a problem to fix, then fix it! If something needs doing, then just do it! “It’s not in my job description” is not something we say around here. Only totally “can do” people need apply.

Our mantra is treat others how you would like to be treated. We have all kinds of people working for us and we’ve found that things run best when we all work together as one united team. We won’t tolerate any form of bullying, harassment or exclusion.

We’re telling you the truth when we say you’ll have fun, but there is a serious side to what we do and that is to run a successful, professional business. To achieve this, we do all work exceptionally hard. We don’t have room for lightweights – even our Casuals are expected to work at full-steam. Once we’re done though, boy do we know how to play-hard! We also love to celebrate our successes. Got the energy to keep up with us?!