Looking for a career in Cinema?

The Event Group’s entertainment division operates Event Cinemas in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, the State Theatre in Sydney, Moonlight Cinemas across Australia, Cinestar Cinemas in Germany and Edge Digital Technology. It also operates the highly successful movie loyalty program Cine Buzz Rewards that offers members a free movie for every 6 movies seen in a year.

Let our staff explain why they’re so into working at Event Hospitality & Entertainment – and why you would be too.

Our Cinema Brands

Event Cinemas

Event Cinemas is the ultimate experience for movie-goers. Complete entertainment precincts that offer state-of-the-art venues that deliver the ultimate cinema experience with quality food and beverage: from bars with extensive wines by the glass and highly trained baristas in the purpose built cafes, to Scoop Alley – our self-service candy bar, with delicious offerings of hot food, real coffee and our favourite frozen coke. The dining experience at Event Cinemas is far from being just about the popcorn.


Then there’s our big movie experience – Vmax, with big seats, big sound and a huge 20 metre digital screen it all adds up to maximum impact. Or, our biggest star to date – Gold Class, the best luxury cinema experience in the world. With every seat, literally, the best seat in the house.

To reward our valued loyal customers, Event Cinemas has developed the largest movie club in Australia – Cine Buzz Rewards. With over one million members the program is made up of students, seniors, kids and VIP’s. Our website continues to be the number one entertainment movie website in the country. Movies are the heroes of our mobile site and cutting edge smart phone app. They provide the up to minute session times, and the easiest way to choose your seats to see the latest blockbusters.

We also have our own one hour television program – Event TV. With one-on- one interviews with the biggest Hollywood stars, red carpet arrivals and behind the scene insights into the magic of movie making.

BCC Cinemas and Greater Union are our other branded locations under the EVENT cinema portfolio.

Gold Class

The ultimate luxury cinema experience – travel first class at the movies with the laid back luxury of Gold Class. With wall to wall screens, fully reclining arm chairs and food and drinks delivered to your seat throughout the movie.

Have a drink before…and after the movie – why not arrive early to our exclusive lounge and have a drink. It’s the perfect place to catch up and begin to unwind before the movie even begins.

World class food and drinks at the movies – enjoy waiter service in the lounge or to your seat with an eclectic mix of the latest cocktails, beer and wine. Snack on a contemporary food selection from our chef prepared menu.

GU Film House

GU Film House specifically caters to the emerging trend for intimate cinema formats screening niche, arthouse and main stream releases.
GU Film House Glenelg, the first cinema complex under this brand, consists of 6 screens seating with large leatherette seats, our decor is subtlety understated with a style and finesse that blends in well with the arthouse concept. Complete with an onsite licensed café consisting of a curated food menu, we offer the complete cinema experience!


Moonlight Cinema

Moonlight Cinema is Australia’s favourite outdoor cinema, showing advance screenings, new release films and cult movies in a number of iconic venues across Australia including the Royal Botanic Gardens’ Central Lawn in Melbourne, Botanic Park in Adelaide, New Farm Park at Brisbane Powerhouse, Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth, Belvedere Amphitheatre in Centennial Park, Sydney and on the lawns of QT Resort Port Douglas.

Our People

Let our staff explain why they’re so into working at the Event Group – and why you would be too.



Campbelltown | Gold Class Supervisor | 3yrs


Liverpool / Campbelltown | Marketing / Duty Manager / Location Trainer | 10yrs


Liverpool | Assistant Manager | 7yrs


Liverpool | Team Leader | 2yrs


Parramatta | General Manager | 6yrs


Liverpool | General Manager | 5yrs


Campbelltown | GC Host / Set Bar & Cafe | 1yr


Liverpool | Supervisor | 7 months


Bondi Junction | General Manager | 1yr


Campbelltown | Manager | 6 yrs

Cinema Positions

Find out more about the positions we have at our Cinemas

Without these people, a cinema is a no-show. The positions are many & varied. Check them out.

General Manager

The General Manager oversees all activities within the cinema, ensuring that each department is operating within the required service standards and returning a profit to the business. A General Manager is ultimately in charge of all aspects of the running of the cinema. They function as the primary strategic leader, creating, developing and implementing cinema strategies.

Assistant Manager

This is a hands-on role supporting the General Manager in managing all facets of the cinema including revenue management, food and beverage, marketing, recruitment and training, customer service and achieving financial targets. A key part of this role is direct customer service.


This role is all about the movies! You need to know what movies are showing, their ratings, what the latest release films are and you need to work hard to keep our facilities in top class shape for our customers to enjoy every time they see a movie with us. This involves cleaning and maintaining the auditoriums, restrooms and foyers while managing access to the theatre and the auditoriums.

Ticket Seller

This is a pivotal role in customer service as you’re usually the first person our customers interact with! Using our state-of-the-art ticketing software, you’ll be responsible for selling tickets, voucher and movie products and keeping our customers informed about all the latest marketing and promotional campaigns we have on offer.

Food & Beverage Crew

This is where you get to know all about the great food and beverage products we sell! The main responsibility is selling delicious movie snacks and treats to our customers and making sure the F&B outlets like Scoop Alley and our bars and cafes, look clean and inviting. There’s also a whole lot of behind the scenes preparation works that goes on to make sure that the food and drink products are ready to sell when we open our doors.

The Gold Class crew involves a number of different roles but the primary focus of each one is providing amazing guest service in this luxury cinema environment:


Your job to is make sure that you prepare and serve top quality drinks in a really consistent way by making sure you follow the recipe guidelines that are in place to help with this.

Wait Staff/Runners

This role is all about greeting and welcoming our guests and delivering the food and drinks in a fast and efficient way so we don’t interrupt out guests’ movie experience. It also involves clearing, cleaning and resetting tables in the auditoriums and in the lounge.


Sounds simple! You need to be fast and efficient and able to produce great tasting food in a really short-time frame so we don’t keep our guests waiting. Producing a consistent quality product is also a vital part of this role and we have standard recipe guidelines to help you with this.

Supervisors can be appointed in any area of the cinema and are there to help the management team ensure the cinema functions run smoothly and efficiently.

This is a fabulous stepping stone to your career in cinema management! You will assist in managing the day-to-day operation of our cinema to ensure we exceed our customers’ expectations whilst maximising our profits.


We think it’s important to mention a few things up-front to make sure we’re all on the same page.

There are a few things we will expect of you but we recognise it’s a two-way street so we’ve also listed the things we think you will expect of us. 

Let us know if we’ve missed something important to you!

Your expectations

We know that not only do you need training to do your job effectively but also for your personal and professional growth. This is why we invest a lot of time, money and resources into offering all kinds of training and development programs across our business. If you’re not receiving the training you think you need, let us know.

You have both a right to receive feedback on how you’re going in your role and to tell us how we’re going as your employer too! Also, if you’ve got a great idea or something you want to say, by all means speak up!

We understand that sometimes you might need to change your shift to do an exam or some other personal things… we respect you have a life outside of work! So we’re prepared to be as flexible as we can to accommodate these things. (But remember flexibility works 2 ways! From time-to-time we might ask you to be flexible around certain things also such as doing an extra shift, working at a different location or helping out in another department).

You might not think it, but you can have an amazing career with us. So many of our staff started out with us thinking it was “just a job” and have found they are so totally into working for us they never want to leave! If you can’t see a potential career-path for you, make sure you talk to us about what’s possible. We all started somewhere.

Yes, there are some great benefits! The specifics do change from time to time but as a start, how do free movies, discounted offers at hotels and restaurants and discounted skiing sound? Just a note though, enjoy the benefits and don’t abuse them, it just ruins things for the rest of us!

Have you heard that expression, don’t live to work? We think that’s for people that hate their jobs and we disagree with it. Our culture encourages so much fun whilst working that we believe work to live is far more apt and we’re not talking about money. Working here will almost get into your blood. You’re likely to make great friendships here and achieve a great sense of fulfillment. Some of our people have so much fun they say they can’t believe they get paid to work here!

Our expectations

Sorry to be blunt, if you don’t love serving people, don’t work for us! Our number one focus is on providing exceptional experiences for our customers. If you are not the sort of person that will bend over backwards for a customer every single time, this is just not your gig.

We run a business that is far removed from an office environment and therefore our hours of opening are far from 9-5! This means that we will need you to be available across all kinds of shifts including late Friday and Saturday nights and public holidays. By the way, we’ll probably need you to work right across the Christmas / New Year holiday break too, so if you have plans to go away, you need to talk to us about it ASAP so we can work something out.

We take great pride in our business so it makes sense that this is reflected in all aspects including the way we present ourselves. In most cases, we will provide you with a uniform and we expect you to wear this uniform in full whenever you are on shift. You should be fresh and tidy and your uniform should always be clean and pressed when you turn up for work.

We don’t treat you like a number so make sure you don’t act like one! We encourage you to think like an entrepreneur: if there’s a problem to fix, then fix it! If something needs doing, then just do it! “It’s not in my job description” is not something we say around here. Only totally “can do” people need apply.

Our mantra is treat others how you would like to be treated. We have all kinds of people working for us and we’ve found that things run best when we all work together as one united team. We won’t tolerate any form of bullying, harassment or exclusion.

We’re telling you the truth when we say you’ll have fun, but there is a serious side to what we do and that is to run a successful, professional business. To achieve this, we do all work exceptionally hard. We don’t have room for lightweights – even our Casuals are expected to work at full-steam. Once we’re done though, boy do we know how to play-hard! We also love to celebrate our successes. Got the energy to keep up with us?!